Lake Tye Park

Lake Tye Park is Monroe's second-largest park at 67 acres (Al Borlin Park is the largest, at 90 acres), with much of that acreage devoted to the lake. The remaining 20 acres or so include:


The playground equipment at Lake Tye is probably the largest in Monroe. The main structure has three stories and two towers, all connected together with tubes, ladders, and slides. Younger kids can enjoy the easy steps up to the second level, and the mellow slides; older kids can get up the ladder to the top, and come back down via one of the two twisting slides. The very youngest love the steering wheel and "store" window on the bottom level.

There's also a separate structure that's smaller, suitable for younger kids (but that also has monkey bars for the older ones). Finally, there's a roundabout and plenty of swings for all ages. The playground is ringed with benches for the parents.

Skate Park

I don't skate, myself, so I can't really comment on the quality of this facility. But it's Monroe's only skateboard park, and is pretty constantly in use. I've seen all levels of skaters and bicyclists in the park, including young kids on scooters. The ramps and obstacles aren't huge, like I've seen at other parks - it's a surface-type park with features added on top (as opposed to a sculpted bowl).

Here's what Community Transit has to say about the park:

The Monroe skate park is fun for younger, learning skateboarders. While the X-Games won’t be coming to Monroe anytime soon, the park is user friendly and very visible from the adjacent playground. Monroe can be fun especially if you like ledges, flat rails and smaller drops. The small ledges, mini pyramid and modular ramps offer something different than in other communities. If you have young children learning to skateboard, this park should be your first stop. Advanced skaters have been known to clean house in games of skate while nailing down switch tricks.